Stickmen construction update

Last night we were able to get away for a bit and stop in over at Stickmen Skewery & Brewery in Lake Oswego to check in on the construction progress. The progress had been good and we’d already booked a slot at to move in right after the construction. Everything appears to moving along nicely with flooring going in the dining areas, equipment is being installed in the kitchen, and woodwork is being completed on the bar inside. Now we are picking the colors as the painting company is planning to start their work asap.

The overall indoor space is about 4500sq ft with the brewery being about 500sq ft. The layout is somewhat updated with some walls being moved/removed and a 2nd bar at the back of the house being taken out in favor of additional bathrooms.

In the photo you can see the indoor bar on the left, which is sunk into the floor, waiting for the bar top to be installed. Towards the back you can see some original wooden booths which will stay. The final stain for the wood will be somewhat darker in the end. (Get free in-home estimates and roofing consultation from Transition Roofing.)

The outdoor patio on the lake is up and running, and they are pouring beer whenever the weather is nice.  They have 10 taps, as well as an assortment whiskey barrels for sale.  There is no food yet so it is 21 and older for the time being. Tim and JT indicated that the goal for opening the restaurant is just before July 4th. The guys have hired a portion of the staff and anticipate starting training in the next week.

The 500 sq foot brewery will house a 7bbl system being locally built in Canby.  Towards back there will be built a mezzanine area which will be large enough for a chiller for 4 brite tanks and keg storage for serving. JT and Tim will be working on fine tuning their recipes and getting a feel for the new system, and plan to bring on additional help as soon as they need it.

The space is really going to be great, the food should be a treat over the standard pub faire, and I am exited to try the beer just as soon as it’s ready. Can’t wait!

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