What’s the point?

With all the brewpubs that we have here in Portland Beervana it seems only right to have all the locations in the area listed in the same place.  After some searching I couldn’t find a definitive guide to every brewpub around town, and the domain PortlandBrewpubs.com was amazingly unregistered, so I created this site.  We’re trying to gather together as much information as we can about each pub, as well as offer our opinions of each.  The goal is not to list every bar or pub in town, but to focus on the pubs that actually brew beer in-house. (Not necessarily on site, but by the folks that own/run the pub) This may exclude micro breweries and nano breweries that only brew beer and sell it to other bars.  You never know, we may include those in a separate category one day, but for now it’s just breweries that make the craft beer and serve food we’re going after.  It seems like there are dozens of excellent blogs centered around Portland beer and beer culture here in Beervana, so we are not trying to re-invent the wheel.

Who are we?

This whole idea started with just my wife and I.  We are both born and raised Portland natives and have lived here all our lives.  (I went to the University of Oregon and enjoyed several of the excellent Eugene brewpubs as well)  We both love a great pint of fresh craft beer and often find ourselves hopping from bar to bar on the weekend.

How we roll:

When we visit a brewpub, we prefer to belly up to the bar. If there are not a couple of empty stools available, we find a table close by until space opens up, at which time we gather up our things and move to the bar, coasters and all. The idea is to be close to the guy pouring the drinks…in our experience, the bartender generally knows more about what goes into your mug than the person taking your order at a table–it’s a little like having dinner with the Chef. We do have one suggestion, when visiting a brewpub for the first time, order a flight, asking the bartender for his recommendations…you’ll be glad you did.

In addition to beer, we are amateur foodies, and a pub with a good happy hour menu and hours is bonus.