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Our Review Breakdown:
Ok…admittedly this part isn’t ideal…it’s tucked behind a Taco Bell and a Walgreens. Regardless, this new establishment is already making a name for itself in the Bethany community. The gorgeous remodel of the interior makes up for the late 90’s strip-mall exterior: dark cement floors, dark-stained wood planked walls, 2 roll up doors, large wood tables, oversized cozy booths to accommodate families in the restaurant, a few flat screen TVs and picnic table seating outside. The bar has a long community table in the center, 9 seats at the bar, 8 flat screen TVs, currently 5-6 small round tables, and patio seating. BPH also has a banquet room that is perfect for group events, equipped with a projection screen for event viewing. We also have it on good authority that BPH may run movies for kids in the banquet room in the future. The only downside for patrons—especially if this crowd keeps up—when the weather changes and they roll down the doors, the wait will be even longer for a table. Perhaps outdoor heaters are a solution…?
We wanted to visit the pub several times to get a sense of the food, service, and atmosphere before posting info. Every night, no matter what day or time, BPH is packed. If you are bringing the family for dinner, we highly recommend you get there early (on a Friday, the wait for a table in the restaurant at 5:30pm was 50 minutes…many families walked away). Reservations can be made for parties 8+. First come, first serve seating in the bar.
The pub has 22 brews on tap; 4-5 of their own brews, which are being contracted out and brewed at another location; 2 with Coors light and PBR, and the rest guest taps - a mix of IPAs, reds, pale ales, etc. If they ever do move the brewing onsite, it will take over the banquet room. By the look of their beer menu, they may not be rotating guest taps; however, because they are going through IPA so quickly right now, they appear to be adding kegs here and there to fill in the gaps (we have enjoyed Fort George’s Vortex and 3-Way IPA, neither of which are on the menu, but were gone in days). Ask your server for brews not listed on the menu, you might get lucky. They also have a full bar.
The owner, Andre Jehan (founder of Pizza Schmizza and now owner of 2 Pizza Schmizza Pub and Grubs), has been wanting to open a pub in this area for years. He can be seen busily delivering food and checking in on customers. We recommend the pizza, which is fresh and delicious and very much like Pizza Schmizza (shocking). If you like a crispier pizza like us, we recommend ordering yours “well-done.” The $8 side of fries are a mystery…they are good fries, but why $8 for a side of fries…we many never know. However, if you do order fries, upgrade to the $10 fries and share with a friend - we promise if you like bacon and gorgonzola and crispy fries you won’t be disappointed. The burgers we’ve had are excellent, the Cobb salad is good too, beer batter onion rings are crisp and delicious, and we prefer the deep fried boneless wings over the baked bone-in. Everyone raves about the other appetizers too, especially the roasted Brussel sprouts, and there are lots of great entrée choices as well.
One great thing about this location is that if you have kids who are old enough to wander without parental supervision, they can take a stroll around the mall—grab a frozen yogurt, checkout a book at the library, peruse Piccolo Mondo for toys they don’t need —all while you finish your beer (or cocktail) in peace.

The Bottom Line:
$5.50/pint (for comparison, ABV Public House is $4.50 and up depending)
$7.50/27oz (a great deal)

The Little Things:
  • Wi-Fi
  • Small parking lot and some street parking, 2 level parking structure across the street
  • Happy Hour in the bar, M-F, 4-6, with limited discounts ($1 off drafts, well drinks, wine, and appetizers)
  • Roll up doors
  • Restaurant/outdoor seating very kid friendly
  • Bar/outdoor seating separated from the kid friendly area (yay)
  • Full bar
Overall – We highly recommend Bethany Public House – atmosphere is great, staff is friendly (shout out to Corinne and her awesome service), lots of beer choices, and the food is delicious. Our feeling is BPH underestimated the need and want for a brewpub in this area as the service is a little slow at times (in fairness, they are crazy busy!), but rumor has it they are hiring. As always, we recommend you come in and try all 5 of their in-house brews for yourself and let them know what you think. Sadly, PBP is not a big fan of Thinker IPA, but like the Mystic Weavers Red Ale. We are likely to burnout on Worthy IPA soon, which has been our go-to beer when they don’t have a rotator. We are crossing our fingers they continue the rotator taps and definitely bring in more local IPA choices, especially with NCAA football season starting and Blazer season close behind. And because, let’s face it, Oregonians go nuts for IPA. We would also love to see them move to a Digital Pour-style system (if ABV is any indication, people love rotating taps).
Review Date: 2014/08/31
Price range: $$$
Reviewed By: Kevin, Kim

Brewpub Stats

  • Brews on tap: 22 taps, 5 in house
  • Beer sampler: 4, 4oz tastes $8
  • Games: Geeks Who Drink Trivia
  • Outdoor Seating: Patio, Heaters
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Family Friendly: Yes
  • Happy Hour: Monday - Friday 4pm-6pm $1 off pints and appetizers
  • Happy Hour Menu: Happy Hour Menu
  • Hours: 11:30am - 12am
    Bar menu food ONLY after 9pm
  • Opened: 2014/08/20
  • Website:
  • Beer to go: Growlers
  • Pint size: Standard 16oz
  • Liqour/Cocktails: Yes
  • Banquet Room: Yes
  • Late Nite Happy Hour: Monday - Friday 9pm - close
  • Menu: Menu
  • Taplister: Taplister Beer List
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Phone: (971) 371-2954
  • Parking: Lot, Street, Garage across the street
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    • Leandra on August 24, 2014 at 11:59 AM
    • Reply

    We live right up the street and noticed the place was serving the since the initial soft opening. Hush soft opening we heard to help work out the kinks before the big opening on the 25th. Stopped in Saturday afternoon and we were delighted! Food was good as well as the selection of beers. Classy looking place. Service was great in the bar area. About 8 TVs for game watching. We will be back for sure.

    • Matt on November 10, 2014 at 3:08 AM
    • Reply

    They don’t brew on site, Feckin brewing makes their beers for them so I don’t think they can technically be called a brew pub, more like a tap house

    1. Agreed. This would be the most edge case we’ve seen. I included them as they at least have their ‘own’ contract beer, and originally intended to move production in house at some point. If that happens remains to be seen.

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