Base Camp Brewing – Protohop Festival

Base Camp Brewing teams with Indie Hops and Oregon State University’s Hop Breeding Program to showcase Willamette Valley’s most exciting experimental hops.

Showcasing the terrific variety of flavors, aromas, and colors that Humulus lupulus can lend to a good brew, the Protohop Festival at Base Camp Brewing Company was an excellent celebration of one of my favorite plants – hops. Partnering with Indie Hops and OSU’s Hop Research & Breeding Program to create this opportunity, eleven Helles lagers were presented, differing only in the single hop dedicated to each beer, allowing the unique properties of each of the hops to shine through. $20 in advance, or $25 at the door for a taste of all eleven, and a raffle ticket for $20 to Base Camp Brewing Company – the raffle ticket happened to be on the back of the provided tasting notes sheet, encouraging the taster to share their thoughts with the growers and brewers on each hop and how it might be best used. Tasters were also encouraged to vote for their favorites, which will be used in future yummy brews.

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