Tap It Tuesday 5/7/2013 @CascadeBrewing Barrel House

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Habeñero Honey Tamarind at Cascade Brewing Barrel House[/pullquote]Cascade Brewing Logo

This NW style sour blond ale was aged on tamarind and habeñero honey. Aromas

of sweet grass and spicy habeñero peppers rise from the glass to check your senses. Tart, slightly

herbal notes dance with

the habeñero on the palate, but never border on hot.

The finish is of tart, young grapes with a lingering habeñero warmth. Happy Siete de Mayo!

8.2% ABV | $8 glass | $3 taster


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