Green Dragon (Rogue)

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Our Review Breakdown:
First thing to say about this pub is that it was PACKED on the night we were there. Lots of bar seating and tabletops, but we recommend getting there early. Bartender was very friendly and funny (sarcasm will get you far with our family), although the ‘cow in bondage’ sculpture on the bar made us a little uncomfortable. GD has 62 beers on tap that they split between two bars. We chose a 6 tray sampler of beers from all over, but didn’t love any of them enough to order one. Although we didn’t eat, their menu has a great selection of food, and from the looks of the size of the crowd, everything is delicious.

The Bottom Line: $6.95 Sampler

The Little Things:
  • Large menu
  • Laidback vibe
  • So loud that we’re not sure there was music playing

Overall: Good for a group if you get there early. Make sure you have the time to try some of the many beers on tap!
Review Date: 2/12
Price range: $$$
Reviewed By: Kevin, kim

Brewpub Stats

  • Brews on tap: 60 (yes!) taps, a dozen or so in-house, the rest local and regional micros.
  • Beer sampler: 4 4oz tastes. Price depends on selections
  • Outdoor Seating: Yes
  • Happy Hour Menu: Happy Hour Menu
  • Hours: Sunday - Wednesday: 11AM - 11PM
    Thursday - Saturday: 11AM - 1AM
  • Opened: 2009 ish
  • Website:
  • Beer to go: Bottles, growlers
  • Pint size: Standard
  • Pub Swag: Hoodies, tshirts
  • Menu: Menu
  • Taplister: Taplister Beer List
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Phone: 503.517.0606
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