Sasquatch Brewing

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Our Review Breakdown:
Open since October 2011, Sasquatch finally has their brewing license, and finally has two in-house brews on tap.This place was busy when we were there at 6:15pm on a Friday night…we sat at the bar to wait the 30-45 minutes for our table (keep in mind when bringing hungry kiddos). Our friendly bartender offered us tastes of the two Sasquatch brews, Healy Heights Pale Ale and Woodboy IPA. The HHPA is excellent, creamy, mild, light malty flavor, great summer beer. Woodboy IPA is slightly bitter, light hoppy flavor…also good, but we stuck with the HHPA. Since they only have a seven barrel system and two fermenters, they don’t have much room for brewing, but they are working on more house brews. The bartender mentioned that they will have a brown beer on tap in a couple of months. If you don’t care for either of their beers, they also have several local beers on tap. The food is a little swanky for us, but delicious (we prefer our pub food a bit more traditional and the burger to be a bit hardier, although our guest told us the burger is “good”). Sasquatch “exclusively uses local, fresh, never frozen grass-fed beef, cage-free eggs (not to be confused with free-range), and 100% hormone-free dairy products (although, not organic?).”

Keep in mind; this is a family establishment and busy at dinner time in this neighborhood. When our table was finally ready (45 minutes later), our observant and thoughtful host stated, “you may want to stay at the bar…it’s pretty loud in there.” We took his advise and stayed n the small, quiet bar area (only 5 stools), where we could actually hear ourselves have a conversation, plus it’s always fun to hang with the bartender….

The Bottom Line:
$8 Ramekin of Mac & Cheese – small, more of a side, but delicious
$10 Buttermilk Fried Chicken – one each drumstick, wing, thigh – w/2 fingerling potatoes (they aren’t kidding with the “small plate,” not much chicken to eat here.
Good, but it’s no Sunshine Tavern)
$4.75 x 2 pints
= $27.50 and left a little hungry…a bit pricey

The Little Things:
  • Wi-fi iffy at best…you’re more likely to pick up the signal from the hairdresser next door
  • No full bar
  • Kid friendly = loud restaurant
  • Happy hour AND late night happy hour – no special on drinks, extremely limited menu
  • Parking is terrible, especially if it’s raining.

It’s worth a try if you’re in the neighborhood. The beer and food are decent. If you are with your hungry kids, get there early. If you are on a date, stay in the bar. We will go back when they have more in-house brews…
Review Date: 4/2012
Price range: $$$
Reviewed By: Kevin, Kim, Brad

Brewpub Stats

  • Brews on tap: 10 beers (2 in house as of 4/6/12), 2 ciders
  • Brewery Capacity: 7bbl
  • Happy Hour: 4-6pm
  • Happy Hour Menu: Happy Hour Menu
  • Hours: 12-12 Fri,-Sat, 12-9 Sun, 12-11pm M-Th
  • Opened: 2011/10/20
  • Website:
  • Beer to go: Growlers
  • Pint size: Standard 16oz
  • Pub Swag: T-shirts, hoodies, pint glasses
  • Late Nite Happy Hour: 10pm - close
  • Menu: Menu
  • Taplister: Taplister Beer List
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Phone: 503.402.1999
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