Tap It Tuesday 1/1/2013 @CascadeBrewing Barrel House

Concorde Grape at Cascade Brewing Barrel House

Happy New Year! Hope you’re feeling okay after celebrating last night – perhaps a little hair of the dog is in order? We’re ringing in 2013 with tonight’s Tap It Tuesday Live from the Barrel Series at 6pm: Concorde Grape. This NW style sour ale was barrel aged for eight months, then aged on white grape must for another three months, then blended with Bourbon black mission fig essence. Aromas of dark purple grape dominate initially. Sweet Concorde grapes with hints of chocolate on the palate lead to a sweet grape finish that lingers. No actual Concorde grapes were harmed in the making of this blend. 9% ABV, $6.5 glass, $2 taster.