Tap It Tuesday 1/8/2013 @CascadeBrewing Barrel House

LIVE Rum Cointreau at Cascade Brewing Barrel House

Hello friends, have you gotten back into the swing of things following the holidays? It’s tough, we know. What helps is Tap It Tuesdays, and tonight’s at 6pm is amazing: LIVE Rum Cointreau. This live NW style sour was aged more than 15 months in rum barrels then aged on sweet orange zest for another seven months. Aromas of tart orange peel, sweet malts and rum are the first to be noticed. Tart notes of orange and rum dance on the palate, then give way to a subtle rum-influenced finish with a bright citrus note. This bright ray of sour sunshine might seem like a summer sipper, but au contraire… 12.15% ABV, $7.5 glass, $3 taster.